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So what is The Travel Blogs?

When scouring the web looking for information and travel blogs about where I'd like to visit, what to do when I'm there and sneaky tips, I always found it difficult to find exactly what I was looking for. There are many great travel bloggers (famous and undiscovered) who have been to different places. At the moment you have to find a blogger you like and see f they have been to where you want to go, my goal is to flip that, select where you want to go and see who has been there.

A place to discover great travel blogs easily

I want this site to be home to the best articles from the best bloggers and your go-to hub when you are looking for travel advice. As a new website, it will take a while to populate with content so please check back often, you can subscribe for updates at the bottom of this page. So, whether you are planning a trip, looking for a little escapism or even want to write yourself, I sincerely hope you find this site helpful.  

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The Travel Blogs Original Content

How about those yellow pins I hear you shout? Well . . .it is important to me that I include personal content on my website as well as links to other bloggers which you can enjoy by following the yellow pins or looking at the short list of blogs from myself below. If you want to know more about me be sure to check out the About Me tab at the top menu there . . . Although you probably worked that out for yourself!
St Edmundsybury Cathedral Tower
So . . . where is Bury St Edmunds? I get it all the time: "Hi! Where are you from?" "The UK" "Cool, where about?" "You probably haven't of heard of it, it's called Bury St Edmunds" "Where?" "Near Cambridge" "Where?" "OK, you know London?" "Oh yeah, is it close ...
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Plan your visit to Segovia
Accessible by high-speed train, Segovia is a perfect destination for a day trip from Madrid. I recently visited for a third time with a couple of UK friends. With its stunning Roman aqueduct, imposing Cathedral and impenetrable castle, it never disappoints. So with that said, here are my memories of ...
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The Thailand Cambodia Poipet Border crossing
Having negotiated our way out of the Dragons Lair, we were finally allowed back on the bus to head to the border, or so we thought. The Poipet border is famous for its scams and getting travellers to pay multiple times for visas. We knew they would try to scam ...
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What is a Liebster Award
I have my first award! Cue the trumpets, unroll the banners, I have finally made it. Let this be the first of many! I want to start by saying a massive thank you to Lena Dre, from - - for nominating me for this award. Of course, I am ...
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As we sat in traffic I noticed the minibus behind us create a unique solution. It simply left the road, onto the footpath, honking like crazy as pedestrians fled to get out of the way. begun. Luckily no-one was hurt as the bus sped out of sight leaving the taxi ...
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I met Charles on my second day in Nairobi, at first I was suspicious of him and his motivations. Being Western, and given all the research I had done before I came here, I am taught to be wary of any local offering things. I am delighted to say my ...
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The colourful houses of Cuenca
Part One - Cuenca and the Hanging Houses Skip to part two: Nacimiento Del Río Curevo and Los Callejones, also be sure to check out the Weekend in Cuenca Vlog on out videos page here: The Travel Vlogs Castilla-La Mancha Castilla-La Mancha is famous for many things. The foodies will love ...
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Part two - Into the mountains, Parque Natural Serranía de Cuenca Did you miss part one? Read about Cuenca and The Hanging Houses here: A weekend in Cuenca part one, also be sure to check out the Weekend in Cuenca Vlog on out videos page here: The Travel Vlogs Leaving Cuenca Raquel and I ...
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Visiting the Monkey forest and rice fields of Ubud
Sunsets, Rice Fields and a Hostage in the Monkey Forest If you are visiting Bali you cannot miss the charms of Ubud, whether you go for a day trip or stay for a week, you will not regret it. There are many things to do, and as such, it does attract many tourists. As long as you visit understanding that are many markets with pushy sellers, men on corners making a strange clicky noise and shouting “Taxi” and accept for what it is, then you’ll have a blast. The ...
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Motorbike on the Samoeng Loop
As I write, I think I am about to die in some horrific way. I am trying to get some sleep in a place called Samoeng Resort, just outside a small town in the middle of nowhere up a mountain. The resort has about 30 or so individual bungalows spread ...
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Milk Baby Scam Siem Reap
Siem Reap is wonderful, the people are fascinating; the nightlife has a great buzz and of course the place to stay while visiting the temples of Angkor Wat which are a short tuk-tuk (or long bike ride) away. But, while enjoying the nightlife I spotted a troubling scene unfold in ...
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