Seal Island Cape Town: Of Great White Sharks and Cape Fur Seals

If you’re looking for great white sharks, visiting Great Seal Island can be a perfect addition to any stop in Cape Town, South Africa.  Home to cape fur seals, great white sharks and an interesting smell, this post is from Carolina, from her travel blog My Global Attitude, is a great introduction on what to expect.

This is from Carolina: ‘I had been to Cape Town, South Africa twice before and actually at one time I signed for the half day Cape Peninsular tour but had never set my foot at the Great Seal Island, the one and only in Africa.

The weather was brilliant when my sister and I visited, therefore, it gave us an opportunity to take the glass-bottomed boat to Seal Island which I refer to a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a Telenovela series starring unique characters who have historically been known to put a great show. This post will guide you on the best times to visit, how to dress and other things to do in the surrounding.’

The post is very informative including information about the best time to visit, what to wear and a lot more.

Read the full post here: Visiting Seal Island in South Africa


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