12 Mystical places in Asia you really should see

I loved this blog after just three suggestions, and then I got to the fourth and read this; ‘Upon first sight, you’ll think that someone spiked your drink with acid, or that Pad Thai you ate for lunch was laced with magic mushrooms. As cool as that would be, this temple is what it is – and rest assured – your mind is not conjuring up wacky hallucinogenic visions.’ At this point, I knew this blog had to be added. As for the 12 suggestions of what to see in Asia, some you probably know but I bet there are a couple of suggestions that you may not have even heard of, I know that was the case for me!

Twelve Must-See Sites in Asia For Your Bucket List

The blog is from Tina, owner of travel site Hangry By Nature and it is such a breath of fresh air. After a while searching for blogs to share can get a bit monotonous and mundane then outta nowhere something like this slaps you round the face and makes you smile again. I think I fell a little bit in love.

Enjoy this article, full of great advice about things to see in Asia as well as awesome pictures and written in a way that will make you laugh. Read the blog here: 12 mystical places in Asia

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