13 Best Night Markets in Taipei: Everything You Need to Know


Taiwan has acquired legendary status among traveling foodies for its amazing night markets and street food. They are hugely popular among locals, but also the #1 attraction for visitors. But with more than 30 night markets in Taipei alone, how on earth can one know where to begin? The answer is simple. Read this article!!

Here we’ve chosen the 13 best night markets in Taipei, including the surrounding suburbs. While these night markets share many similarities, each has its own distinct flavor, famous food stalls that people line up for, and unique treats that you can’t find anywhere else. Bubble tea, stinky tofu, and oyster omelets are just the tip of the iceberg!

Check out 13 Best Night Markets in Taipei: Everything You Need to Know to find out why each of these great Taipei night markets is special, how to get to them, and what foods you MUST eat when you go!

Submitted by: Nick Kembel

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