15 Unmissable Foodie Experiences in South America

South America is a colourful, joyful and diverse continent. From the dizzy heights of La Paz, to the crystal clear Caribbean Sea in Colombia; whatever floats your boat, South America has oodles of it.

Our Taste of Travel talk food in South America

This post comes from Shannon on her blog that she runs with partner Adam, Our Taste of Travel. Their goal is to tell their stories through the food they eat and people they meet – sounds perfect to me!

“Those in search of foodie experiences, South America is a must-visit. We were expecting to blown away by the steaks and wine of Argentina, and fresh Peruvian ceviche. And, we were. But truth be told, there is way more to South America than this.

Each country is brimming with unique foodie experiences, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve put together the ultimate collection of fun foodie adventures to help you get started.”

Foodies, rejoice. This one is for you!

Making and drinking hot chocolate in Peru
Photo: Our Taste of Travel

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