30 Incredible Things to do in Ottawa Canada


In this fantastic list of 30 Incredible things to do in Ottowa has been put together by Janine Good for her blog, Fill My Passport. Rather than just being a straight forward list, it also includes information about prices of activities so it can really help you to plan out how much you expect to spend and a good overview of how expensive Ottowa may be.

That said, I’ll let Janine explain further:

“With free tours, seas of tulips, gourmet dining, and famous Beaver Tails for your ever nagging sugar cravings, Ottawa has something for everyone! Plus, if you visit in the winter, you get the ultimate privilege to skate on the largest outdoor skating rink in the world! So what are you waiting for? Head to Ottawa and celebrate one of the most exciting milestones of the 21st Century!”

Read the blog here: 30 Incredible things to do in Ottowa

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