A Guide to Finding Great Coffee in Hanoi

Best coffee shops in Hanoi

This great blog from Charlie and Kristina whose blog, Map Trotters, features some great and informative blogs as well as travel guides. Here is their Guide to Finding Great Coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The best coffee shops in Hanoi

The reason I love this blog is it isn’t just a simple list of places to get great coffee (although it does include that by the way – with maps), it is a guide to coffee culture in Hanoi and also answers questions such as how is Vietnamese coffee made? Can you brew your own Vietnamese coffee at home?

great coffee in hanoi

So if you are heading to Vietnam anytime soon, or even just want to know more about coffee, this is the place to read about it. Enjoy . . . https://maptrotting.com/coffee-culture-hanoi-vietnam

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    1. Hi Kristina, I love many of your posts, hopefully I’ll have some more shared soon and yes … the coffee was sooo tasty there. I also loved drinking fresh beer on those little stools on each corner. I hope to back sometime and try some of your suggestions. Happy travels!

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