Architectural splendour during The Great War – Nine Arch Bridge , Ella

Famous train journey from Kandy to Badulla is knows as one of the most beautiful train rides in the world.

Sri Lanka doesn’t have a shortage of natural beauty. The Nine Arch bridge is very close to the Ella town.

Access to the place is not that much hard,you can do rail walk from Ella town. But with kids it would not be easy. There are many ways getting the bridge. Another way is the foot path through the jungle.

It also just 15min walk to the bridge. The glorious Nine Arch Bridge between Ella and Demodara station is one of the Sri Lankan engineering marvels of the early 20th century. This bridge is almost 100 years old, has been built with blocks of stone sand and cement without a single piece of steel or concrete.

It is located 3100 feet above the sea level, this 99.6ft high bridge is called “Bridge in the Sky” as well.

Breathless! The gorgeous views in the Hill country are amazing! You can take hundreds of pictures from different angels ,there is a tea plantation as well. This bridge is a masterpiece of the Victorian era. I was wonder how they built that.This is one of Ella’s most visited attractions.

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