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Iran travel blog

Is Iran going to be the next big destination? Politically it’s a controversial country for sure, but if you really want to know what a country is like, you have to visit it, not just believe what you see on the news and read. That’s exactly what Will, The Broke Backpacker, has done and produced this amazing guide to the country.

All you need to know about Iran in one post

It says it all in the title. This is the best Iran travel blog, or more of a travel guide really. Will has really shown why he is one of the elite travel bloggers here.

If you have even just entertained the idea of visiting one of the most ancient cultures in our world then take a look at this, it has everything, advice on border crossing, places to visit, what to eat even information about hitchhiking.

The Broke Backpacker’s guide to Iran,

Shiraz in The Broke Backpackers Guide to Iran

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