Dharohar show at Bagore Ki Haveli, Udaipur


In the city of Udaipur, in Rajasthan India, you will find the Bagore Ki Haveli Museum, a historic centrepiece to a traditional city.

Enjoy a heritage show at Bagore Ki Haveli Museum

This post comes from Mokshta, on her blog Miss with Migratory Wings. It is all about this place in India that is special to her. A Place that hasn’t ditched all its day-to-day human interactions for computers, a place of organised chaos and a place in Mokshta’s heart.  A self-confessed culture and history buff, here’s what Mokshta has to say about the post:

“Bagore Ki Haveli was home to the Prime Minister of Mewar (a region of south-central Rajasthan state in western India) in the 17th Century. After India’s Independence in 1947, this Haveli (Mansion) was used by the Indian government employees as a hostel. The Haveli went through various damages until a few years ago when the West Zone Cultural Centre of India restored it to showcase the Mewar culture to the world. This Haveli is an educational museum in the mornings and sets stage every evening for the folk dancers of Rajasthan who bring life to the years old history of Rajasthan through their dance and music.

Being a culture and history buff I felt its important to bring this historical treasure to world map for travellers to experience the Rajasthani culture live.”

Learn more about the traditions and how to enjoy a Dharohar (Heritage) Dance Show at Bagore ki Haveli yourself of Miss With Migratory Wings.

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  1. right, udaipur has so many more places to be visited, in previous year i visited to the observatory of solar sciences, which is very amazing experience for me, also the mansoon palace. always love this blog.


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