A Bite of the Atacama Desert


When you think of what to do in the Atacama Desert, food probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind (unless there is a typo in the title, I think a few people end up in the Atacama dessert by mistake). Well, that is unless you are bloggers with a distinct passion for all things edible.

Culture and history through food

This post comes from food and travel bloggers Shannon and Adam on their site Our Taste of Travel.  I love it as it explores history and culture through food. I’ll let Shannon explain:

“Of all the ways to immerse yourself in local culture when you visit a new place, a foodie tour has to be up there with the best (and yummiest). When visiting the driest desert in the world, in Chile, we took a closer look at its history through a gastronomic tour of the centre.

Learning about the history and evolution of food and farming in the Atacama Desert gave us a newfound appreciation for the meals we were eating. Some were strange, some were unexpected but all were delicious. If you’d like to know more about dining in the desert, read on…”

Tempted? Find out more about what treats await with A bite of the Atacama.

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