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In creating this site and curating the many travel blogs that I want to share with the world, I read a lot of posts, I mean . . . a lot. Some are good, some are bad, some are awful but some are amazing and enjoyable.

My goal is to only pin posts to my interactive travel blog maps that really offer something to the reader, whether that is helpful information, a great story or even just a little entertainment, I want the readers to enjoy it. 

As much of this site relies on sharing the work of others, I thought it would be nice to recognise those bloggers whose continued efforts and great writing skills become sources I know I can rely on. That is why I have started my blog of the month. 

Each month a new blog will be given the much sought after blog award. If you would like to be considered, find out how at the bottom of this post page. 

January 2018 – The Winged Fork

The Winged Fork, Blog of the MonthAs I alluded to in my introduction to this page, there are a few things I look for when deciding on posts to share on The Travel Blogs, this one definitely falls into the entertaining section. 

Run by Abby with a couple of other contributors, it is the humour in her writing that really engages you in the posts and make you want to read on to the end. I already have two of her posts pinned, a great piece about The Colosseum in Rome (funny and factual) and an experience she shared with her sister during a spooky night in Mayerling, Austria.

Abby quit her job in Banking and IT to become a freelance writer, and we are all glad she did. Spend some time at The Winged Fork and you’ll be sure to find some giggles. 

*Warning – there is a liberal sprinkling of naughty words, enjoy


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