Bored of waiting to disembark? Don’t be this guy

Sometimes you just have to get off

Let’s be honest, we all hate it. when you finally arrive in your destination, that awful, long wait for the doors to open and finally get off the flying metal tube. 

Everyone handles it different, some are content to sit there with their headphones in, jamming. Others use the time to text loved ones, let them know they’re safe. Then there are those keeno’s that contort their body into weird positions in a mass panic in case they don’t get to the over head compartments first. I never understand why, maybe they think all their stuff will disappear?

Well folks, today we have a new entry into the ‘best action to take when your plane has landed’ handbook – Use the emergency exit!

Ryanair Passenger tries the emergency exit

The video shows a Ryanair passenger who has simply had enough of their shit. After waiting for I can only assume what he considers far too long, he took matters into his own hands, busted open the emergency exit and made his break for freedom.

Sadly, the bold move didn’t pay off, he quickly seemed to realise he’s on the wing of a big aeroplane with no way down, so, he simply sat until finally being talked back into the the plane.

On the video other passengers can be heard laughing, I would too, until you find out the biggest irony, all he managed to achieve was to delay disembarkation by a further 30 minutes.

Read more of the story on the BBC.

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