Things to Do in Tbilisi

  Submitted by: Rohan   From: Travels of a Bookpacker   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: A guide to the best things to do in this quirky, unique capital. Including…

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Georgia travel guide: Mountains, Monasteries and Wine

  Submitted by: Coni   From: Experiencing the Globe   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: You could spend months in Georgia and have new things to discover on daily basis….

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The biggest cave in Georgia

Destination: Prometheus Cave, the biggest cave in Georgia

 Overview: Prometheus Cave was actually a toss-up for us while on our Georgian road trip. Since we were basically passing just a few kilometers by it, and we were unlikely…

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The growing steet art scene in Tbilisi Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia, in street art

 Overview: Tbilisi has a ton of awesome street art scattered across the city — and a lot of it has really breathed some new life into some formerly utilitarian areas….

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