The Most Beautiful Places in Iran

Iran is one of the least visited countries in the world in spite of the fact that it’s one of the most ancient civilizations on earth. This dichotomy intrigued Diana to venture to discover this mysterious land. She found out that the home of one of the most hospitable people in the world offers breath-taking …

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Iran’s Bloody Colorful Island, Hormuz

Are you ready to see one of the most colorful and magical islands in the world? Do you want to know about the best kept secret of the Persian Gulf that is also called the Rainbow Island? Diana, The Globetrotting Detective, discovered a tiny little island during her first 3-week journey in Iran. This island …

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Backpacking Iran … the ULTIMATE travel guide

Iran travel blog

Is Iran going to be the next big destination? Politically it’s a controversial country for sure, but if you really want to know what a country is like, you have to visit it, not just believe what you see on the news and read. That’s exactly what Will, The Broke Backpacker, has done and produced …

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Perfect 30 days in Iran

Stunning mosque in Iran

 Overview: Iran seems like a different world. A sub-continent full of treasures waiting to be discovered. From breathtaking nature to picture-perfect architecture, you can spend a lifetime exploring this country. And the best of all are its people, among the most hospitable I’ve ever met in all my years traveling! Join me as a go …

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Iran Travel Blog: Off the beaten track in Iran

hidden places in Iran travel blog

I recently came across another great Iran travel blog about discovering hidden gems. Iran really seems to be one of the top places to visit at the moment, and reading about it I can see why. This one features a few of their lesser known sites where you can enjoy a peaceful experience. Escape from the tourism …

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The stunning Shah Cheragh in Iran

How to visit the Shah Cheragh

While not technically a blog about the Shah Cheragh, I wanted to include this post from Boredpanda as it features some stunning images of a must visit site in Iran. If you can look past their click-baity headlines to the actual content you will get an idea of what I’m talking about! Shah Cheragh is a …

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