A Day in the Royal City of Mysore


Mysore is a city that seems to be developing quickly but still manages to hold on to its old world charm. Located not too far away from Karnataka’s state capital Bangalore, (the Bangalore to Mysore distance is about 145 km) makes the city just about reachable in a day trip.

Places to visit in Mysore in one day

This post comes from one of The Travel Blogs favourite blogs, Voyager. Sandy and Vyjay run the travel site and their posts are always informative and helpful to anyone planning a trip. In this post they spend the day sightseeing in Mysore and share lots of tips about where to go and what to see, including an amazing palace and a cathedral with a rather unexpected style.

“Mysore is a city where heritage and technology blend harmoniously. Mysore city has a rich history & culture and is known for its magnificent palaces and the pomp and gaiety of the festivities that take place during the festival of Dasara.”

So if you are looking to visit Mysore, or even just for a day trip out of Bangalore, I highly recommend Sandy & Vyjays A Day in the Royal City of Mysore.

Old world meets new in Mysore
The blending of old and new.

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