Day Trip to Jellyfish Lake in Palau


Jellyfish Lake in Palau is one of nature’s greatest anomalies. Located in the heart of Palau’s South Rock Islands, the lake is home to millions of non-stinging jellyfish that float about the water like gelatinous golden orbs.

Jellyfish Lake’s isolation and lack of predators, has created the ideal environment for the animals to flourish. With an abundance of algae for food and no predators to keep their numbers in check, jellyfish populations have soared to over ten million.

Due to a lack of predators, the jellyfish have lost their stinging capabilities. Thus, swimming in jellyfish lake is not only extraordinary, but it is also one hundred percent safe.

Snorkeling in Jellyfish Lake is one of the most popular things to do in Palau. And for good reason. Swimming in Jellyfish Lake is like floating in a real-life lava lamp!

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