Why Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, is worth a visit

Visit Dhaka Bangladesh

Bangladesh has always fascinated me. You hear plenty of stories about falling in love with India. Not so many, but still some about Myanmar but I have often thought what about Bangladesh? Aside from the odd story about cricket (If you live in a cricket playing nation) or news reports of flooding you don’t really hear much about this South Asian country.

Guide to visiting Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh

I really enjoyed reading this blog written by Joao, for his blog joaoleitao.com. It opens up the doors to this undervalued country with some interesting statistics followed by recommendations of what to visit as well as some wonderful photos that I think really capture the moment and the feel of the place.

The post is finished off with a great round up with information about how he got there, visas and all that jazz that visitors have to deal with.

So what are you waiting for, I hope I have whetted your appetite to discover more on the blog here: Visiting Dhaka in Bangladesh

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