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I was having one of those days that lack motivation when suddenly I came across this beautiful post about what to do in Xi’an, China, and it perked me right up. Great suggestions, well written and some sumptuous photos, what more could you want?

This blog comes from Natalie and her stylish site that she runs with her partner, Love & Road. A great site to visit for all kind of inspiration and advice. In the blog I have featured here Natalie takes you through some of the things you cannot miss from one of China’s most important and historical cities. It includes information on iconic sights such as the Terracotta Warriors as well as where you can enjoy peaceful pursuits such as learning Chinese calligraphy or simply eating your way through a whole district. However, my favourite thing to do on the list would be Mount Huashan.

Xi'an Terracotta Warriors
Xi’an, visit the Terracotta Warriors

Now you may not know it by name but you’ll probably recognise the pictures on the blog, it is one of Eastern Asia’s most scenic, but dangerous, walkways. One question remains, would you?. , possibly the most dangerous mountain walk of them all, find out all about it here:

Enjoy the blog and pictures of Xi’an here:

Mount Huashan, face one of most dangerous mountains in China
Mount Huashan, home to one of the highest and most dangerous walks in the world.

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