An Ode to Doubtful Sound


Ohh New Zealand, you steal so many hearts. Whenever you as speak to people that have been to New Zealand, they almost never have anything bad to say about it. So much weird and wonderful natural beauty with amazing hikes, great weather and amazing wine, all add up to pretty much the perfect destination.

The perfect alternative to Milford Sound

This post comes from Chris on her aptly named travel blog, Explore Now or Never. Love that. In it, she heads to for an overnight trip into Doubtful Sound, a great option if you don’t fancy travelling with the masses to it’s more popular sibling, Milford Sound. Here’s Chris:

“Visiting Doubtful Sound on an overnight wilderness cruise was like the grown-up version of summer camp! This blog post details the thrill and awe of our experience accompanied by photos designed to capture the spirit of the adventure. A great read for armchair travellers as well as detailed information for those who’d like to see it for themselves.”

So check out the full blog about Doubtful Sound on Explore Now or Never.

The hut at Doubtful Sound

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