A chance encounter in the Armenian Wilderness

Sometimes when you are travelling amazing things happen. People often ask travellers where their favourite place was, most amazing animal, but very really do they ask who was the most amazing person you met. To me, that is travelling.

Meeting the locals in the Armenian Wilderness

A forest encounter in the Armenian wilderness

This post comes from Anna, on her blog, The Wildest Tales. It tells of her chance encounter while hiking through a forest that led to a visiting a small village in the Armenian wilderness and the kindness she was welcomed with.

“An incredible story from a tiny village lost in the Armenian forest. It was the most fantastic thing that happened to me during my travels, or even perhaps in my whole life – I mean it. Tandzatap,  with its amazing people, it’s where the magic happens. Yearning for an authentic travel experience? Don’t waste your time, visit Armenia off-the-beaten-track with me and my wildest tales!”

It’s stories such as these that get my wanderlust burning, a chance encounter that can lead to great memories. Check out Anna’s post from Armenia here.

Sharing lunch with the locals in the Armenian Forest

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