Komodo National Park: Everything you need to know

Why visit the Komodo National Park? Because this region is the foreplay to paradise . . . at least that is what travel site Mel365 says about it in this fantastic guide to the region.

It is no surprise that Komodo Island (National Park) is listed as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. That is quite remarkable considering the size and beauty of our world. This incredibly helpful and informative post lays out everything you may need to know before you visit.  Because of the importance to have

Note: Because of the importance to have first-hand experience, the author of this article accepted in this trip the assistance of Tourism Indonesia, however, it also guarantees that there was no promise of positive coverage. That said, still a great read for the writing and gorgeous pictures: Padar Island and Komodo National Park

Seeing the dragons when visiting the Komodo National Park in Indonesia

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