Exploring Kent’s Cavern Caves in South West England

I was delighted and surprised to come across this post about Kent’s Cavern in Torquay; a place very close to my heart. It’s the home of my lovely grandma and the area of many family holidays growing up. What’s more, when I read it I was even more pleased, it’s an excellent blog that brought back many memories.

The article is written by Claire for her UK based blog tinboxtraveller which specialises in family activities, there are loads of useful information and tips to be found. This particular example combines a few facts and a bit of a history lesson with a description of the tour and great photos. It is then polished off with a good round up of other activities in the area.

Visiting Kent's Cavern in Torquay
Torquay Harbour, just down the road from Kent’s Cavern

As for my memories of Kent’s Cavern . . . I remember the bear pit all too well. I did the tour with my parents while still a young boy. I remember being told of bears and vicious cats with huge teeth that used to reside in the caves, while my imagination ran wild about how amazing it would be to encounter one of these beasts. As we approached the area called the bear pit, I was in the middle of our sloth as the lights went off.

A gentle hush took over the group as no-one spoke to enjoy the beauty. In the absolute darkness, the sound of breathing was accentuated, in particular, someone right behind me. As I turned to try and see who was breathing so loudly, I brushed against a large person dressed in a thick faux fur vest. It just took a second before the silence was broken by a loud scream.

As I grow older, the facts about how old the cave is and how it was formed have all slowly faded. However, one thing that doesn’t fade is the memory of pure fear as I let out that scream; whether it was because my brain told me that I was standing next to a bear or the bad fashion choices we all used to make in the early 90’s, I’ll let you decide!

Read the full blog here: Visit Kent’s Cavern in Devon, South West England

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