Exploring Sweden – Stockholm, The Capital

If you’re going to Sweden there is a good chance that a visit to Stockholm will be in your itinerary. But how much do you know about Sweden’s capital city and what to do when you’re there?

If the answer to that is ‘I could do with a little help’, don’t worry, Jesper and Susann have got your back. Together they run their blog, The Biveros Effect, with the goal of  inspiring others to explore the world.

What to do in Stockholm

As the blogging duo actually live in the city,  they are in a great position to provide you with an introduction, and that is exactly what we have here. Their short guide to Stockholm. is complete with suggestion of what to do and see as well as a little bit of history and information about getting around Sweden’s largest city.

Check it out here:  Quick guide to Stockholm

What to do when visiting Stockholm

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