Five places not to miss in Guatemala

Where is Guatemala?

I know very little of Guatemala personally. I know it is in Central America, that it has a blue flag and that they make great coffee. That’s it really. But, as with everywhere on this planet, I hope one day I get to discover it for myself. However, the good news is others have been there and written about it, which is what I have for you here.

What to do in La Antigua Guatemala

This post, from Sanne on her great travel blog Spend Life Travelling, is written with passion and a great wealth of knowledge. More than just a passer through, she visited to learn a new language and fell in love with a culture. Her adoration of the place really shines through in her writing.

So that said, I can’t really think of anyone to trust more when recommending things to do and see in Guatemala.

What are you waiting for? Check out her post: Guatemala 5 places not to miss

The Aztec culture in Guatemala

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