Great advice for visiting Cuba

Cuba is one of the hottest destinations at the moment. More and more people are making it there and it’s easy to understand why. There’s the palm-fringed beaches, energetic culture, architecture and social history, whatever you’re into you’ll find some of it in Cuba. However, visiting the country is one thing but getting the most out of it while you’re there is something completely different. That’s where The Travel Blogs come in. I’m really happy I found this great blog to help you get the most out of and be prepared for any trip to Cuba on the travel site Two Blue Passports.

What to know before you go

The travel blog is from travelling friend duo Amanda and Morgan sharing their travel experience in style. Their article “What I wish I knew before visiting Cuba” is a fantastic read for anyone planning, or even just thinking, of visiting the largest island in the Caribbean.  The advice is great, throw in some awesome pictures you have a must read blog.

Check it out here: What you need to know before travelling to Cuba

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