Hiking Varmland in Sweden: 5 Worthwhile Hikes

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  From: Misfit Wanders 

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Here a kooky American that lives in Sweden will take you to the beautiful county, Varmland. Hikes and wandering in the outdoors is her specialty.

Misfit Wanders has lived in this area for 3 years now, and has found the best hiking trails sprawled out in the nature. There’s even a beautiful trail that leads you to a waterfall. Another path goes up a mountain, where you get to take in a wonderful view.

If you’re planning a trip to Sweden, then Varmland is definitely worth a stop! The nature is stunning and so inviting! Outdoor lovers will enjoy this area as fill so much freedom once they learn about allemansrätten, the freedom to roam.

That means, you can venture into any nature within Sweden. As long as you’re respectful and stay about 900 meters away from residents’ homes. What a cool law! You can follow in her footsteps and learn more about these amazing trails that are worth it to see!

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