Jenolan Caves – The Worlds Oldest Caves

About 340 million years old Jenolan Caves are the worlds oldest caves and it is one of Australia’s national treasures. Yes… 340 Million years old!!!

The Jenolan Caves were once part of a seabed  millions of years ago. After that the whole area was lifted into mountains. Shells and Corals fossils are found in the rocks of the caves, which are the most remarkable limestone cave system in Australia.

There are 11 richly decorated show caves to be seen on tours for all ages and fitness levels. The cave network has over 40 km (25 Miles) of multi level passages offering easy site seeing walks, educational and historical tours to active adventure caving, night tours, ghost tours, multi-lingual self-guided tour, bush walks and underground concerts. During school holidays, there are tours that have been specially developed for children, aged 7-12.

The caves were created millions of years ago through a complex relationship between water, rock, atmosphere and the lifeforms that inhabit the environment. Within their ancient depths, you can see marine fossils and calcite formations which are often pure white and incredibly surreal.

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