The Joy of Dog Sledding in Finnish Lapland

Something that has been on my bucket list for the longest time is proper dog sledding. When I was younger, growing up, a local forest used to hold dog sledding competitions (they may still do so) but there was never any snow, so in my mind, it kind of counts, but not really. I then almost had the opportunity while snowboarding in Switzerland, but there is felt more like a touristy gimmick rather than a real, authentic experience. I recently came across this blog about the REAL thing, dog sledding with a whole team of huskies in Lapland . . . who wouldn’t want to do that?

Mush, mush, mush

The blog is from a wonderful site called The Glode Trotting Teacher (clues in the title). The lady behind the site is Jackie and you can find loads of well-written, informative and entertaining pieces there. This particular one is all about how she enjoyed her day with the dogs in the fairytale Winter Wonderland. Trust me, it will have you wanting to jump on a plane, grab the reigns and shout mush until your heart’s content.

Check it out here: Dog Sledding in Finnish Lapland

Dogs pulling a sled through the snow in Finnish Lapland

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