How do lions mate? Finding love in the Maasai Mara, Kenya


Everything I seem to do on trips is to make sis happy. Take pics of this, take pics of that. Write about this, write about that. And this time wasn’t any different. Sis wanted me to write about how lions mate. She thought I hadn’t seen lions mate before and when she found out that I had, she was after me like a little terrier to write that post.

So I did. The next trip I took to Kenya, I made sure I shot pics of the lions mating. I tried to take a video too but the damn camera wasn’t focussing. So I went back to taking pics. And I must say the lions give a new definition to the term quickie. 😉

I ended up writing a post about it called ‘Fucking Fantastic! Watching lions mating in Maasai Mara’. Click below to read more ?

Submitted by: Sarah

The Blog: The Winged Fork

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