Luang Prabang – the Jewel of Indochina

I only have happy memories of Luang Prabang. As the main place of arrival for many travellers taking the slow boat between Laos and Thailand, it is a place that many will bump into a familiar face.

It’s funny that as you travel you seem to often bump into people you met somewhere else, grab a drink, catch up to share stories and recommendations in Utopia (the bar with a volleyball court) before ending up at the bowling alley!

People pass but tradition stays

However, even with a huge transient traveller population, the town does a wonderful job of not losing its roots. There is still a feeling of tradition and peace then many places in a similar situation have long lost.

I found this blog post recently and thought I would share. Mihaela, from World Travel Bug, writes here all about Luang Prabang in a post packed with tips and great photos, enjoy it here: Luang Prabang, the jewel of Indochina

Visiting Luang Prabang

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