Motorbiking in Vietnam, the ultimate adventure in Ha Giang

Motorbiking Adventure In Ha Giang

Motorbiking through the mountains of Vietnam – just thinking of it makes me want to hop on an plane, hire a bike and start adventuring!

This post from Zainab is from her blog Discover with Zainab.  I love the fact that she blogs by telling stories, it really helps you understand the destination and share the experience. So whether you are thinking of planning a motorbiking trip in Vietnam yourself, or just want to enjoy a great story, check this one out. I’ll let her explain further:

Motorbiking in Vietnam

Wait… Where? What’s Ha Giang? Ha Giang my friends, is another name for a secret paradise for adventure lovers with motorbikes. A province in Northern Vietnam along the Chinese border, it contains Lung Cu; Vietnam’s northern most point and ten diverse districts inhabited by 22 ethnic minorities and filled with culture.

One of the poorest provinces in Vietnam, but for me, by far the most beautiful. This was the most liberating journey I’ve ever taken and I want spread that awesomeness.

Motorbiking Adventure In Ha Giang in Vietnam

Explore the staggering mountains and winding roads along the borders of China with me. The roads were not always smooth, but the views along the highways overlooking jaw-dropping cliffs was more than worth it. The people are very kind and hospitable.

If you later add Ha Giang to your wishlist (you probably will after reading this) then my article is filled to the brim with useful tips on what to take and where to stay. The best thing about Ha Giang? Not many tourists know about it… Yet ;). Enjoy the read!

So there you go, continue here to discover the ultimate motorbiking adventure in ha giang.

Motorbiking Adventure In Ha Giang in Vietnam

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