What you need to know about Baku, Azerbaijan before arriving

What you need to know about Baku


Solidly located in Western Asia and sharing borders Russia and Iran, Baku, Azerbaijan does not initially sound like a dream tourist destination. Here’s what to do in Baku, what I wish I knew before arriving, and what to avoid in Baku.

Baku is what might happen if Istanbul and Singapore had a baby.

It’s not as large as Istanbul (15 million) or Singapore (5.6 million), but Baku’s 2.2 million residents live in a city where chaos meets order head-on. One minute you’re walking on a wide sidewalk, using surprisingly well-appointed underground pedestrian walkways, the next you’re on a street where a block of cars are all double-parked and traffic is at a standstill as a result. Construction changes more than a few patterns, and roads / areas that seem well-built for loads of traffic barely have any.

Things are changing. Fast.

This post is a snapshot of a fast-moving city, written in June 2019 based on a week-long visit in the same month.

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