Planning a visit to The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea fascinates me and I really hope one day I get to go get my float on there myself one day. In the mean time I have to discover it through the eyes of others, and these others have great eyes!

Why is it called the Dead Sea?

With around nine times more salt in it that most oceans, The Dead Sea is considered a hyper-saline lake. It’s that saltiness that gives it it’s name, due to the inability for anything to grow or survive there.

Weirdly, for thousands of years, humans have flocked there for it’s healing properties. I’m not expert, but if I was looking for something with healing properties, I’d probably look somewhere where stuff grows rather than dies. Anyway.

Visiting The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is bordered by Israel, Jordan and Palestine, but what is the best way to get there? Luckily there is a blog for that.

Bobo and Chichi is a blog from American semi-nomads Scott and Megan. This post, DIY Dead Sea Day Trip, is an amazing reference for those of us looking to undertake the journey one day. Stuffed with hints and tips, such as best time to go and don’t forget your sandals as the sea bed is super sharp,  as well as some drop dead stunning photography.

Check it out and enjoy – Planning a day trip to the Dead Sea

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  1. I am amazed at the diversity that goes around planet earth. I’d love to visit the Dead sea and understand how that place got so much of salt or understand saltbeds formation around the world. Very beautiful picture


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