The puppeteer and the magician’s ghetto of Delhi

The beauty of travel isn’t just in the destinations you reach but the people you meet and the stories you discover.  Each and every person has their own tale to tell, but when you are travelling you often encounter stories so different from your own. If you’re looking to find something magical in Dehli, I may have the answer.

Discover the Kathputli artist’s colony

This post comes from Mariellen on her amazing page Breathedreamgo, an award-winning travel site dedicated to transformative travel, or as Mariellen describes it, travel that changes you. In the post, she tells the story of Puran Bhatt, a puppeteer and his fight to save the Kathputli artist’s colony.

“The magicians, puppeteers, acrobats, and artists that call Kathputli Colony in Delhi, India home did not want to lose their beloved community. Though others may call it a “slum,” to them it is a place of freedom and creativity. After all, this is the place that inspired Salman Rushdie’s novel Midnight’s Children. Luckily, thanks to puppeteer Puran Bhatt’s efforts, they just might get to stay . . .”

Discovering the magic of Kathputli in Dehli, India

The story has been featured on the BBC as well as an independently funded documentary. This is a great read and Mariellen really transports you to Puran Bhatt’s magical home. Read the full post, The puppeteer and the magician’s ghetto of Delhi, on Breathedreamgo.

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