Ryanair make more changes to luggage policy and I like them

Ryanair make more changes to luggage policy and I like them

So, I read an article this morning on the BBC website about Ryanair and changes to their hand luggage policy which will be effective from 1st November.

The Headline states ‘Ryanair cuts cabin baggage allowance to ease delays’. Although factually correct, I feel this BBC article, and other coverage, seems to give a negative over view of Ryanair’s latest changes to their luggage allowance.

The Independent were equally as damning – ‘Ryanair just dramatically cut down the amount of hand luggage allowed on flight‘ following up with ‘The low-cost airline is only allowing those who’ve paid for priority boarding to take two bags on board as hand luggage’

What Ryanair have really done

Here are the simple facts, you can still take as much luggage as you could before and if you want to buy a heavier checked in bag . . . that just got £10 cheaper. All that has changed is that you have to keep it in a different place, the hold. The only downside is that it’ll take a little longer to get out of the airport after you land as you’ll have to wait at the carousel for your luggage.

Ryanair's changes mean that hand luggage will now have to be stored in the hold

It will speed up boarding

Having flown a lot recently, I think this is a great plan for a myriad of reasons, mainly that it will speed up boarding. I hate it when you check in, get to the aircraft only to be faced with hundreds of people standing in the aisle, jockeying for position, all trying to fit their oversized hand lugged above their seat. Now it will no longer be an issue.

I once swore I’d never fly with Ryanair again

Personally, I have had a love hate relationship with the airline. About 4 years ago I swore I’d never fly with them again as they made me pay over £100 to fix a spelling error while booking a ticket. However, since then, for various reasons (mainly I’m a cheapskate and can never resist the cheapest option) I have been flying with them regularly for work and pleasure.

Now I really like them again

Each time I’m on-board and browsing their magazine, they are proud to talk about their customer charter and the improvements they have made. They are always keen to mention the generous luggage allowance, free ticket amendments within a certain time frame (If only they did that four years ago) and all the usual things like staff training, happy service yadda yadda yadda.

Normally I take all that self promotion with a pinch of salt. But I genuinely believe that over the last few years, they have got better. I also think they have more leg room than BA, and definitely more than Iberia.

Hand luggage free for all

As it stands currently, if you aren’t one of the first on the plane, you often end up sitting about 12 rows away from your luggage as there is never enough space in the overhead lockers.

Ryanair first tried to counter this by only letting the first 90 passengers take their bag on. The result? Whenever a boarding gate is announced, there is a manic scramble be at the front of the queue and lots of annoyed people from position 91 onwards. Especially if they didn’t know their bag would have to go in the hold.

I have always liked being the last on and more than happy for them to check my bag in, as far as I’m concerned it’s one less thing to worry about. If you really really want that bag with you, just buy the priority boarding, I bet your flight will still be cheaper than any competitor.

Is it just a way of making more money for Ryanair?

I seem to be in the minority saying that I think this is a good move. Some are worried about the time it will take to get your bag on the plane, the wait after you land and others are saying it’s just a Ryanair scam to get more people to buy priority boarding.

I disagree. You don’t have to buy it and you can get all the comforts you may need for a few hours in a small personal item. No-one is forcing anyone to buy priority, but I think it is now more tempting, although I never will.

Ryanair is almost always the cheapest

At the end of the day the cost of flying has come down considerably in the last 15 years, largely thanks to companies like Ryanair. If you are happy to spend a bit more, you get a nicer airline, maybe a complimentary coffee and newspaper. But the fact is, if I play by their rules I can fly from London to Madrid for less than it costs the get the train from Bury St Edmunds to London. The rules are there, if you don’t like them, pay more. Personally, I’m happy to play by them to save a good chunk of hard earned cash.

What do you think?

What do you think? Is it a good move or do you think it’s a ploy to get more money out of people, let us know in the comments at the bottom.

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3 thoughts on “Ryanair make more changes to luggage policy and I like them

  1. Hi Matt, I think it’s a good idea. It’s becoming more and more difficult to store my own small backpack, filled with breakable souvenirs due to every other passenger trying to stuff in their own suitcases. Either because they don’t want to pay the luggage fee or they don’t want to hang around at the luggage carousel. Though I don’t think the airline came up with the idea out of the goodness of their hearts. I get more cynical l as I get older. – great artical Vicki http://www.walksandtreks.com

    1. Haha, I know what you mean about not doing out of the goodness of their hearts. I think it will make the boarding process much quicker but I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years time those bags that go in the hold start costing! Thanks for the compliment 🙂

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