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Legendary freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi used the power of pure will and peaceful protest to help bring an end to colonial rule in India. He was a huge influence in India gaining their independence in August 1947.

Sabarmati Ashram is the home of this amazing man. Situated in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, a western state of India, here you can visit various sites, including Gandhi’s house, and view live shows that really bring his struggle back to life.

Experiencing Sabarmati Ashram and Gandhi

This post from Sandy on Vvjay, on their site Voyager, recounts the first time they visited the place and is complete with all the info you need to make your own visit to Sabarmati Ashram.

“The screams were heartrending, I could hear the wails of men, women, and children. The sound of the rifles was terrifying, and I shivered and reached out to hold my father’s hand.”

Visiting the history of Gandhi and Sabarmati Ashram
Sabarmati Ashram, photo: Sandy and Vvjay from Voyager

I was at the Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad and was watching the Son et Lumiere that was bringing to life the tragic events of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. I was a kid and this was my first of numerous visits to the Sabarmati Ashram, a place that was at the center of India’s Independence struggle and home to Mahatma Gandhi for 12 years.”

Continue to Voyager and read their post about the Sabarmati Ashram and how a visit to the place is sure to leave one transformed.

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