The best Flamenco in Granada?

Whether your kind of thing or not, a Flamenco show in Spain is one of those must do experiences when visiting the country. The best shows are to be found in the south of Spain, a place where the Flamenco tradition is deeply rooted.

The Wanderlost Campaigner in Granada

This post comes from Kelly, on her blog The Wanderlost Campaigner, about her experience of Flamenco in Granada and has a great recommendation of where to go. It not only talks about the show, but has some great information about the traditions of Flamenco as well as one of the best paragraphs about it you’ll read in a long time (look for the one about 7 paragraphs in that starts “When the show begins, I suppress the urge . . .”

Here’s what Kelly has to say about the post:

“The Casa Del Arte Flamenco is in central Granada, you can easily walk there if you are centrally based, and it also means you won’t have to navigate the steep and uneven paths up into the cave venues.

It’s true that the famous cave venues are a spectacle in themselves, they nearly all offer incredible views of the Alhambra, but some friendly locals had told us they were just for tourists, we took the advice. We were not sorry.

So if you are thinking about what to do in Spain or want to learn a bit more about a Spanish tradition that doesn’t involve the death of an animal, be sure to read about Kelly’s flamenco experience in Granada.

seeing a flamenco show in Granada

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