Summer destination – 8 different things to see in Madrid


There’s no argument, Madrid is a great city to visit, whether as part of a world tour or a cheeky weekend break.

Visiting Madrid in Summer

This post from Ana, on her travel blog, Jaunting Trips, nails the city. While there are no real-world famous, must-see tourist sites, the city has so much on offer, it just sucks you in with its relaxed atmosphere and copious amounts of tapas and tipples. I’ll let Ana explain further about her post:

Egyptian Temple in Madrid

“Madrid is an amazing city that swept me off my feet when I did not expect. The beautiful Spanish capital has a lot to offer and I’m sure most of you, who visited have found it delightful. I want to share with you a few places and experiences that might not be on the regular tourist map, but are definitely a must.

So, without further ado, I invite you to join me in a little adventure through Madrid and discover 8 of its beautiful secrets – myths & legends, cool bars, an indoor beach, a tropical jungle, delicious treats and a stunning sunset.”

Check it out here: 8 things to see and do in Madrid

Visiting Retiro Park in Madrid and the Fallen Angel

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  1. It does look incredible! At the moment, with young children, I worry about traveling. Couple more years and they’ll be ready to go! Madrid is on the list thanks for sharing


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