Swaziland: Everything you need to know before you visit

What you need to know before you visit Swaziland

  Submitted by: Anna    From: I’m 8 Hours Ahead   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: Swaziland is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, between South Africa & Mozambique. It has incredible landscapes, showcases the typical african bush view and has different parks for a safari. It’s a rural country with little tourism so …

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Visiting Dendera – Causing Chaos in Qena

Visiting the Temple of Hathor in Dendera

 Overview: There are days when you’re travelling when everything runs smoothly. There are other days where things are a bit more stressful. Our trip to Qena was one of the latter kind, where we caused chaos simply by turning up at the train station. I do, however, think that it was entirely worth it; this …

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Visiting the Djenne Grand Mosque Mali

The stunning Grand Mosque made of mud

 Overview: The Grand Mosque of Djenne in Mali is a must-see.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The mosque is the largest mud mosque structure in the world. Submitted by: Ric Ric’s Blog: GlobalGaz Read the full post: Visiting the Djenne Grand Mosque

Visiting Namibia with kids – Complete Country Guide

Namibia is so high on my bucket list that it’s almost erupting out of the top. A vast country in South West Africa, it offers amazing nature, with jaw-dropping landscapes and wonderful wildlife as well as a great mix of towns and culture. Things to do in Namibia This post comes from Marcelle on her …

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Day Trip to Sidi Bou Saïd: Tunisia’s Blue and White Gem

A Day Trip to Sidi Bou Saïd: Tunisia’s Blue and White Gem

 Overview: While many people are familiar with Santorini, Greece for its immaculately white village perfectly paired with magnificent views of the Aegean Sea. On the other hand, Chefchaouen, Morocco, which has been gaining momentum recently, is a city within mountains painted in shades of blue, rightfully earning the nickname “Blue City”. Both are beautiful, but …

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