Thailand Border Scam Poipet Style

The Thailand Cambodia Poipet Border crossing

Having negotiated our way out of the Dragons Lair, we were finally allowed back on the bus to head to the border, or so we thought. The Poipet border is famous for its scams and getting travellers to pay multiple times for visas. We knew they would try to scam us, but didn’t realise how …

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Elephant Tourism in Thailand and Beyond

 Overview: So many travellers crave animal interactions while wandering the world, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t. I myself found time to see and interact with tigers, elephants, lions and cheetah’s while on my travels. However, it wasn’t until I got ho,e that I started to see the wider picture. I still like to think …

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28 of the best beaches in the world as chosen by bloggers

The best beaches in the world as chosen by travel bloggers

If I were you ask you where is the best beach in the world, what would you say? One thing is for sure, we would have different answers, but neither of us would be wrong. The great thing about the word best is it’s all relative. You may like the beach with the whitest sand …

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Why Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, is worth a visit

Bangladesh has always fascinated me. You hear plenty of stories about falling in love with India. Not so many, but still some about Myanmar but I have often thought what about Bangladesh? Aside from the odd story about cricket (If you live in a cricket playing nation) or news reports of flooding you don’t really …

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Keibul Lamjao: The Worlds Only Floating National Park

Keibul Lamjao, a floating National Park

This travel blog from India is all about Keibul Lamjao, a floating National Park. If that fact alone isn’t enough to put it on your shortlist of places to visit then read this blog and surely it will be there. I discovered the travel blog on imvoyager, a travel website from blogging couple Sandy and Vyjay. What grabbed …

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