Over 3 million people attended World Pride through out the week

World Pride 2017 – Putting the Mad in Madrid

I can’t believe how long it has taken me to write this, however “recently” World Pride took place in Madrid, a week long celebration of events culminating in a huge…

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Should drones be banned

Do we need better controls over drone flying?

Just imagine you are flying home from holiday, about to land and the announcement comes over: “Ladies and gentleman, this is your pilot speaking, due to the actions of some…

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When Sci Fi and Reality combine

When Red Dwarf got it right!

One of the fun things Sci-fi writers get to do is predict the future. Sometimes they hit the nail on the head. From HG Wells predicting the coming of tanks…

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The Queen's Speech announces Spaceports in the UK

The Queen is going to launch the UK into space

According to a report in the British newspaper, The Independent, The Queen will be talking about space flight later this week in her speech, which has been delayed due to…

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Standing room only: Airline to remove all seats?

So an interesting story surfaced today. The Independent is reporting that Colombian budget airline, VivaColombia, are considering removing all the seats from their aircraft in an effort to cram more…

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The best (and worst) airports in the world

So the new list is out, Gatwick scores an astonishing 0! I’ve only recently discovered Airhelp, and it’s a great resource. They are basically a site dedicated to helping travellers…

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Zipline from the Eiffel tower

Zipline off the Eiffel Tower – seriously!

Sounds like a dream, but trust me people, this is happening. You can soar from the second floor of the iconic tower in Paris, reaching speeds of 90 mile per…

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What did cause the British Airways issues

So what did cause the British Airways Power outage?

British Airways were all over the news recently when their systems went down, causing travel misery to over 75000 travellers affected by the delays. But what was it? Hacking, a…

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Kid get surprise from the Queens Guard

Kid gets an awesome birthday present from The Queens Guard

This little boy is a fan of The Queens Guard and gets a lot more than he expected when one super soldier notices the little guy and turns back. Have you…

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What is a Liebster Award

The Liebster Award: My First Blog Award a Few Little Secrets and The Official Rules

I have my first award! Cue the trumpets, unroll the banners, I have finally made it. Let this be the first of many! I want to start by saying a…

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