Vancouver to Banff Drive (Canadian Rockies Itinerary)

Lake Louise in Banff National Park

 Overview: The road trip from Vancouver to Banff is one of the most scenic drives in the world!  This iconic Canadian drive features the eye-catching views from more than five national parks along the way as well as more rugged mountain views than you thought possible.  Not to mention the spectacular abundance of wildlife you’ll …

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Love Skiing & Snowboarding? Skip Disneyland & Go To Baldface Lodge Instead

  Submitted by: Alex Silgalis   From: Local Freshies   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: As a self-confessed powder hound… snow is what I live, breath, and dream about. So, after years of talking and talking and talking about going cat skiing I finally pulled the trigger. Instead of picking some fly-by-night operation we decided …

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30 Incredible Things to do in Ottawa Canada

30 amazing things to do in Ottowa

 Overview: In this fantastic list of 30 Incredible things to do in Ottowa has been put together by Janine Good for her blog, Fill My Passport. Rather than just being a straight forward list, it also includes information about prices of activities so it can really help you to plan out how much you expect to …

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Everything you need to know about Yurt Camping in Tobermory, ON

  Submitted by: Samantha   From: Continuous Roamer   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: Samantha from Continuous Roamer has written all about Yurt Camping in Tobermory, a beautiful and wild town located 4 hours north of Toronto. In the post, she explains what it’s like to sleep in a yurt, how to book a yurt, …

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10 Must-Visit Places in British Columbia

If you are visiting Vancouver, you have to explore further and enjoy the whole province. Here are my 10 must-visit places in British Columbia.

Tonquin Valley Hiking Guide

 Overview: Located in Jasper National Park near the border of Alberta and British Columbia, the Tonquin Valley is one of the most beautiful regions of the Canadian Rockies. It is home to dramatic mountains, beautiful lakes, and stunning valleys. In other words… a perfect place for hiking! In this Tonquin Valley Hiking Guide we describe …

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Canadian Niagara Falls: Ponchos and Hornblowing

Travel blog visit Niagara Falls

I love this blog about the Niagara Falls (Canada side). From the travel blog JWalking it’s entertaining, informative with facts and advice as well as really giving you a great feel of what it is like to visit the falls. Tips for visiting the Niagara Falls It’s been a while since I went but I agree with …

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Plan your visit: Vancouver Itinerary in 4 Days

The skyline of Vancouver in Canada

 Overview: Spending 4 days in Vancouver is the ideal amount of time to appreciate this beautiful city!  Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the mighty Coastal Mountains, Vancouver is the ideal combination of cosmopolitan beauty and outdoor adventure.  Use this itinerary, crafted by a local Vancouverite, to explore everything Vancouver has to offer. Submitted by: …

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Three days in Toronto

3 days in Toronto

 Overview: Toronto is an amazing city; it’s so friendly, clean and vibrant.  Having visited Toronto a number of times for very short business trips I really wanted to explore the city properly so I made it the first stopping point on a great adventure with the family that subsequently took us to Niagara and New …

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Edmonton Hacked: 52 Top Recommendations

Essential experiences in Edmonton

Edmonton is the capital city of Canadian Provence Alberta, know for some of the most jaw-dropping amazing National Parks. The city itself hosts a year-round slate of festivals, reflected in the nickname “Canada’s Festival City”, which means there is no bad time to visit (Unless you don’t like the cold, then avoid November – February, it …

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