A Travel Guide to Wadi Rum

Complete guide to visiting Wadi Rum in the Jordan desert

 Overview: Wadi Rum is a desert in Jordan that seems to be often overlooked for the countries more famous sites, tourists tend to just pop into the visitor centre as they pass by. While there is nothing wrong with that, a couple of hours there is better than none at all, once you have read …

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Welcome to the Edge Of The World

Driving to the edge of the world

The Edge of the World! I’d never heard of this place, but then again, I haven’t heard about many travelling sites in Saudi Arabia, which is what makes The Pink Tarha site that little bit special. A Saudi Arabian Travel Blog The Pink Tarha is a collaborative approach to travel blogging. It is currently looked …

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Why You Should Travel to Jordan

  Submitted by: Nina Ahmedow   From: Lemons and Luggage   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: Jordan has a more negative reputation than it deserves. This stunning country in the Middle East is actually far more stable than its neighbours. And from the majestic ancient city of Petra to the fascinating valley Wadi Rum there …

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Planning a visit to The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea fascinates me and I really hope one day I get to go get my float on there myself one day. In the mean time I have to discover it through the eyes of others, and these others have great eyes! Why is it called the Dead Sea? With around nine times more …

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