20 traditional (and not-so-traditional) Israeli foods you have to try

  Submitted by: Melissa Conn   From: The Family Voyage   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: Eating your way through Israel is a must-have experience for travelers! The country’s food…

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San Martín del Castañar and Versos Microbodega

The villages of Sierra de Francia’s are quite a micro region for wine, and if there is one thing I love to do while on the road, that’s visit vineyards…

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A Bite of the Atacama Desert

 Overview: When you think of what to do in the Atacama Desert, food probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind (unless there is a typo in the title,…

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Nibble Your Way Around Borough Market

  Submitted by: The Shoegirl (Nikki)   From: The Chef and The Shoegirl   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: We have been based in London for several years and often…

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10 German Foods you Must Try in Germany

  Submitted by: Maria Haase   From: MariaAbroad   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: German food is delicious. Everyone loves the sausages, schnitzels, and pork knuckles. But there are many…

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Eating worms in the futuristic theme park

Eating worms in France

 Overview: I stared at them for some time before working up the nerve to eat them. My boyfriend on the other hand happily munched on them; both the grillions and…

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Delicious Malaysian food

The Penang Food Trail: What To Eat (And Where)

 Overview: Penang is famous the world over for being one of the best foodie destinations. The unique fusion of Chinese, ethnic Malay, Indian and Arabic flavours makes Penang food something…

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Meat empanadas in Argentina

15 Unmissable Foodie Experiences in South America

 Overview: South America is a colourful, joyful and diverse continent. From the dizzy heights of La Paz, to the crystal clear Caribbean Sea in Colombia; whatever floats your boat, South…

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Senegal Dakar coast sea

Senegalese Cuisine: Where Food and Culture Intersect

 Overview: Senegalese cuisine has many influences, most notably from the North of Africa as well as French and Portuguese from its colonial past. In this post from travel blogger T. Michelle,…

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