Georgia travel guide: Mountains, Monasteries and Wine

  Submitted by: Coni   From: Experiencing the Globe   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: You could spend months in Georgia and have new things to discover on daily basis. The country is stunning and quite diverse. In this travel guide you’ll find the best Georgia has to offer, from the picturesque wine country, to …

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Things to Do in Tbilisi

  Submitted by: Rohan   From: Travels of a Bookpacker   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: A guide to the best things to do in this quirky, unique capital. Including food and accommodation recommendations and day trips.

Destination: Prometheus Cave, the biggest cave in Georgia

The biggest cave in Georgia

 Overview: Prometheus Cave was actually a toss-up for us while on our Georgian road trip. Since we were basically passing just a few kilometers by it, and we were unlikely to be passing this way again any time soon, we thought ‘alright, sure, why not…’. This turned out to be a great decision. Post submitted …

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Tbilisi, Georgia, in street art

The growing steet art scene in Tbilisi Georgia

 Overview: Tbilisi has a ton of awesome street art scattered across the city — and a lot of it has really breathed some new life into some formerly utilitarian areas. Read more to see them for yourself. Submitted by: Chris Chris’s blog: Worthy Go Read the post: Tbilisi street art Are you a Travel Blogger? …

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