10 German Foods you Must Try in Germany

  Submitted by: Maria Haase   From: MariaAbroad   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: German food is delicious. Everyone loves the sausages, schnitzels, and pork knuckles. But there are many more mouthwatering dishes that you should discover. On your next trip to Germany, make sure to try these 10 German dishes. You won’t regret it, …

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Visiting Hamburg with a Toddler while pregnant

A vity break with a toddler while pregnant

 Overview: In my 27th week of pregnancy, we were invited to explore Hamburg as part of the Come to Hamburg project. Not one to turn down an adventure, I didn’t let my blossoming bump and the fact that we had an increasingly excited two year old slow me down so we hopped on a plane …

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5 reasons you should be planning your Berlin trip

 Overview: This is a guide-post to some of the coolest things Berlin offers to a new tourist. Berlin is diverse in every aspect including people, food and travel styles – a perfect place for solo traveling. Submitted by: Radhika Radhika’s blog: Caught The Wind Read the full post: 5 reasons to visit Berlin Are you a Travel …

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