Greece: Crete Island with Iraklion, Chania, Balos, and Elafonissi. Santorini Island. Athens and the Acropolis.

Greece is a beautiful, picturesque, authentic, and totally photogenic country. Greece is comprised of a mainland and more than 6,000 islands and islets. The culture of Greece has evolved over…

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6 of the best beaches in Milos

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Milos

Milos Island in Greece is a volcanic part of the Kyklades Islands – and in my opinion one of the most naturally beautiful islands in Greece! Also, Milos is known…

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Athens, Greece: The Ultimate Travel Guide

As both the capital city of modern Greece and the heart of classical antiquity, Athens is a city of layers-the new build upon the old in a blend of changing…

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The best place to visit in Greece

19+1 Must See Places In Greece

When the opportunity arose to have a post written by Niki from travel and lifestyle blog on The Travel Blogs, I couldn’t say no. Born a raised in Greece…

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