5 Exciting Things to do in Madeira

  Submitted by: Roshni   From: The Wanderlust Within   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: The island of Madeira, off the coast of Portugal is perfect for adventure seekers, be inspired by these exciting things to do in Madeira on your weekend trip.

Hiking the Hooker Valley Track and Meeting the Cloud-Piercer

  Submitted by: Nikos Taskos   From: Miles with Vibes   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: I felt that finally, the time was just right. The thick veil of mystery surrounding the great chief was gradually fading away. It’s not often that Aoraki is granting you an audience. Most times the cloud-piercer remains hidden, monitoring …

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Tonquin Valley Hiking Guide

 Overview: Located in Jasper National Park near the border of Alberta and British Columbia, the Tonquin Valley is one of the most beautiful regions of the Canadian Rockies. It is home to dramatic mountains, beautiful lakes, and stunning valleys. In other words… a perfect place for hiking! In this Tonquin Valley Hiking Guide we describe …

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My Walk Through Ice & Fire with Icelandic Mountain Guides

 Overview: Have you ever signed up to do something and later wondered what you were thinking? Glacier hiking in Iceland was one of those experiences for me. I thought it would be a must do experience when visiting the land of ice, but I had my doubts as I grabbed my ice pike and strapped …

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Hiking Stockholm: A City Surrounded by Nature

  Submitted by: Dani James   From: Misfit Wanders    Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: Have you been wanting to get away from the busy city life in Stockholm? There are loads of hiking trails a train ride away! Check out Tyresta National Park or some of the other hiking trails that are just …

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Six Days in the Dolomites – stunning Italian mountains

Visit the Dolomites

 Overview: Often confused with the Italian Alps, The Dolomites are actually their own small mountain range (albeit it connected to The Alps) located in Northen Italy. Famous for their characteristically steep peaks and bizarre rock formations, offering up amazing climbing, hiking, winter sports and more, they are hugely popular with outdoor adventurists year round. Shoot From the Trip …

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Why you have to hike the West Highland Way (if you like hiking)

Hiking the West Highland Way

Stretching for 151km (93.8mi) from Milngavie (not far from Glasgow) to Fort William, the West Highland Way is the oldest long-distance path in Scotland and by far the top choice by passionate hikers. I found a wonderful blog here bursting with information, experience and photos of what it is to hike the West Highland Way. …

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Nelson Lakes and Blue Lake Hiking Guide

 Overview: Nelson Lakes National Park is fast becoming one of the most renowned hiking destinations in New Zealand. It is home to the Blue Lake – reportedly containing the clearest freshwater lake in the entire world! It is also home to one of the most impressive sections of New Zealand’s long distance Te Araroa Trail. …

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