Prague: Six Sights for Saturday

Bridges over the River Vltava

 Overview: Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a real gem of Europe. A drop-dead gorgeous city, this post from Suzanne, of travel blog Sightseeing Shoes, it’s a list of the cannot miss attractions. Here’s what Suzanne has to say about the post: ‘On a short city break, you have to narrow down everything you …

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Ten things to do in Jerusalem

Although I’m not personally a religious person, I do enjoy visiting and have a fascination with how cultural history has shaped cities that are synonymous with religion. And, cities don’t come much more synonymous than Jerusalem. Fought over for centuries, this city in Israel is high up on my bucket list. Alas, I haven’t been …

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Discover Machu Picchu

 Overview: Machu Picchu is one of the seven wonders of the world and even though I have a long list of things to do in Peru, I was quite determined to see the Incan citadel for myself and even though a lot of people have different feelings about the lost city, I thought it was …

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Visiting Area 51 and the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada

How to visit Area 51

So famous yet shrouded in mystery, what really happens in Area 51? Well, I can’t answer that for you sadly, but I can tell you how to visit, maybe you can knock on the gates and ask . . . or not. I’ve always been fascinated by secret places but often console myself with the thought that …

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Home of Mahatma Gandhi – Sabarmati Ashram

/visiting the home and life of Mahatma Ghandi in Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad

 Overview: Legendary freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi used the power of pure will and peaceful protest to help bring an end to colonial rule in India. He was a huge influence in India gaining their independence in August 1947. Sabarmati Ashram is the home of this amazing man. Situated in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, a western state of …

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What you should really know about Rio de Janeiro

Stunning sunset at Sugarloaf Mountain

 Overview: Rio de Janeiro is on so many bucket lists. Whether it’s visiting Christ the Redeemer on Sugarloaf Mountain or relaxing on the Copacabana  beach, just thinking of it whisks you away in a day dream of sunshine and caprihnias. Well, this post from Diana, on her blog Rush Away, wont tell you about any of that, …

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Visiting The White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand

How to get to Wat Rung Khun and why you should I stumbled across this blog about The White Temple, or  Wat Rung Khun, by accident. Due to my rather flippant travelling ways and refusal to buy a Lonely Planet (still don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing) I didn’t know about this …

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Know before you go, visiting the Colosseum in Rome

 Overview: The Colosseum. So iconic it gets to use the prefix the, not a or one of many, but the! The fact it still stands (well, most of it does) is a testament to the Roman Empire and has made it famous worldwide. Did you know this about the Colosseum? This post is from Abby, …

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Exploring The Wines of Tuscany

visiting san gimignano in the wine region of tuscany

 Overview: When I read JaMeka’s first line “This blog post is about two of my favorite things – Tuscany and wine.” I knew I’d like it. This post is a great introduction to the region and comes from her blog, Got The Travel Bug Too. It’s a family travel blog that follows the adventures of …

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Hiking the Great Wall Away From the Crowds

The Great Wall of China with no people

 Overview: 13,000 Kilometers of Great Wall once meandered through the landscape. Some stretches have disappeared, others have been fully restored, some are left to ruins. Where do you decide to go and see China’s masterpiece? Chenjiapu is about 1,5 hours drive north of Beijing and a perfect place to hike the Great Wall without the …

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